How to display the exact category for the URL being blocked in the policy

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By default, the exception page only displays the category or categories associated with the URL on the exception page if policy contains the following:

$(category) - ONE category

$(cs-categories) - All the categories the URL belongs to

For example, is categorized as Humor/Jokes and Audio/Video Clips.

When a policy rule blocks audio/video clips and a user requests access to, the following occur:

  • If $(category) is used in the exception page, the category displayed is Humor/Jokes.
  • If $(cs-categories) is used in exception page, the categories displayed is Humor/Jokes and Audio/Video Clips.

To display the specific category being used in the policy, change the previius code in the exception page to the following:


For the previous example, if $(x-exception-category) is used in exception page, the category is Audio/Video Clips, which is the blacklisted category in policy.

Note: One exception is that if the default policy is DENY, "Default secure policy mode" may be observed when not matching a category.

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