How to display the exact category for the URL being blocked in the policy



By default, the exception page only displays the category or categories associated with the URL on the exception page if policy contains the following:

$(category) - ONE category

$(cs-categories) - All the categories the URL belongs to

For example, is categorized as Humor/Jokes and Audio/Video Clips.

When a policy rule blocks audio/video clips and a user requests access to, the following occur:

  • If $(category) is used in the exception page, the category displayed is Humor/Jokes.
  • If $(cs-categories) is used in exception page, the categories displayed is Humor/Jokes and Audio/Video Clips.

To display the specific category being used in the policy, change the previius code in the exception page to the following:


For the previous example, if $(x-exception-category) is used in exception page, the category is Audio/Video Clips, which is the blacklisted category in policy.

Note: One exception is that if the default policy is DENY, "Default secure policy mode" may be observed when not matching a category.

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