How to enable 'blurt' mode for IntelligenceCenter

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There are times when Customer Support will require more indepth debug logs to identify issues on IntelligenceCenter and with enabling 'blurt', the logs will capture more detailed warning messages.

To modify IC log file for blurt mode, logon to IntelligenceCenter(IC) server with "administrative" privileges.

Next, select Start/My Computer/Properties and select the "Advanced" tab and click on "Environment Variables".

Under System variables column, scroll down to Collector_Logging_Level and change default value of (E) to (B) to enabl "Blurt" mode and then select OK (3x) to close.

NOTE:  You 'do no' need to restart any IC services for this to take effect.

Now, allow this to run for 1-hour "only"  - do not allow to run longer than an hour or two because the longs will become too large of a file for us to view.

Once the period is up, please repeat the above process to change settings back to default value of (E).

After an hour of running in 'blurt' mode and changing default value back to (E) - please collect two logs:

Log #1: current_day log file in location <install_Dir>:\BlueCoat\DataCollector\logs; for example collector_Monday.

Log # 2: curent_day log file in location <install_Dir>:\BlueCoat\IntelligenceCenter\logs; for example ic.log.2012-01-09


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First Published      10/01/2014
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Last Published      02/09/2017
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Summary      How to enable 'blurt' mode for IntelligenceCenter
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