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Blue Coat provides a facility to enable the SafeSearch feature on many of the most popular search engines (see KB4352). However, this facility does not permit certain users to be excluded from having SafeSearch restrictions applied to them. The following allows for exclusions. (Note that this is based on version 1 of the current SafeSearch CPL code. There is no guarantee that this solution will apply to any future update).

1.     Extract the .txt CPL file from the ZIP file attached to KB4352 and load it into an editor.

2.     At the end of the text file, add the following (modifying as required):

define condition MY_SafeSearchExcluded

realm=IWA user="domain\joe"
realm=IWA user="domain\joanne"
realm=IWA group="domain\ADgroup"

end condition MY_SafeSearchExcluded 

3.     Search for all lines that begin <Proxy. For example:

<proxy BC_SafeSearch_Yahoo_query> condition=BC_SafeSearch_Yahoo_Domains

4.     To the end of each of these lines, add condition=!MY_SafeSearchExcluded. For example:

<proxy BC_SafeSearch_Yahoo_query> condition=BC_SafeSearch_Yahoo_Domains condition=!MY_SafeSearchExcluded

Now, each of the SafeSearch queries will only be acted upon if the users are not in the exclusion list.


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