How to fix Flash tunneling issues where content stops playing in the middle of a stream.



When tunneling Flash/RTMP over HTTP proxy, content stops playing in the middle of a stream.

See also 000016310 for description and explanation of this issue.


Due to the nature of some sites that host Flash/RTMP, the issue exists which is not a problem caused by the ProxySG (see 000016310). However, the workaround for this issue is to enable HTTP hand-off for Flash proxy on the ProxySG (requires SGOS 6.x.x.x  or later with a Flash license). This workaround is effective because Flash proxy on the ProxySG will force the device to maintain a connection with one server for the duration of the entire stream.

Go to Management Console of the ProxySG and navigate to Configuration>Proxy Settings>Flash:

  • Check the box for 'Enable HTTP Handoff'
  • Click Apply

To verify that you have a valid Flash license, go to Maintenance>Licensing>View>Licensed Components. If you do not have a Flash license, please contact your local sales representative.





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