How to license a PacketShaper

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Licensing management is done through the licensing portal at the BlueTouch Online Portal found at .


A BlueTouch Online login can be either obtained:

The licenses are issued on a per-appliance basis.  Each license key includes the license for all PacketWise modules purchased by the end user.  The license key is tied to the appliance, and each software license can only be used on the appliance for which it was intended.  This restriction ensures that the correct software is paired with the correct appliance.

There are two types of licenses that can be used with PacketShaper appliances: Permanent and Evaluation License.  A PacketShaper can use a combination of these two types of licenses for various modules.  For example, a PacketShaper can have a permanent Shaping key with a temporary Compression key.

Evaluation Key

The trial period is either a 30- or 60-day period that begins once the key is issued by Blue Coat.  During this period, a user is able to evaluate all or specific features of the PacketWise software.  Once the evaluation period ends, the PacketShaper will reboot at 00:01:00 GMT (or 12:01:00 AM GMT), regardless of the time zone where the device is located.

To view the days remaining in the trial period, do the following:

  1. Open the command-line interface (CLI) connection and type version verbose
  2. Look for installed keys.  The date on which the evaluation period ends is displayed.

Permanent Key

These keys are installed once.  The permanent keys will be stored in the basic.cfg file on the PacketShaper's flash memory volume after installation.  If is recommended to have a backup copy of the basic.cfg file, especially prior to installing upgrade keys.


There are four different types of licensable modules for the PacketShaper

  1. Control Key - This key is required to enable the Shaping module.  The PacketShaper will run in monitor-only mode if this key is not present.
  2. Link Size Key - This key is used to control the maximum performance level of shaping that can be configured on a PacketShaper.  If shaping is off, no maximum is enforced.  The traffic can traverse up to the wired speed.
  3. Acceleration Key - This key is used to enable or disable the acceleration feature.
  4. Compression Key - This key is used to enable or disable the compression feature.


The process for licensing the PacketShaper is:

  1. Access
  2. Login to your user account.
  3. Select licensing.
  4. Select license other.
  5. You will be requested a second time for your login credentials to access the licensing portal.
  6. Select PacketShaper.
  7. Enter your PacketShaper serial number.
  8. Click submit.

The license keys will appear, along with a description of the installation steps.


  1. Log in to the PacketShaper command-line interface via the console cable, SSH or telnet.
  2. Enter the key install command(s) that you were given at registration of the unit.  Note, the keys are unique to a specific serial number and cannot be used on any other PacketShaper.
  3. To complete the installation, reset your unit.  The keys will not apply until after reboot.
  4. To verify the installation was successful, issue the command: setup key show and verify your new keys are listed.


If you purchased upgrade license keys for the PacketShaper appliances, then you will receive the Activation letter from customer care (  Do the following after receiving the email:

  1. Access
  2. Log in to your user account.
  3. Select licensing.
  4. Select license other.
  5. You will be requested a second time for your login credentials to access the licensing portal.
  6. Enter the Activation Code that you obtained via email from Customer Care.
  7. Read and accept the EULA.
  8. Enter the Hardware Serial Number of the device to be upgraded.

The license keys will appear with a description of the installation steps.


  1. Enter the command: measure reset.  This command will reconfigure your unit hard disk to store statistics for its new class capacity.  Please note that all old data will be lost.  The reconfiguration can take as long as 30 minutes to complete, depending on your PacketShaper model.
  2. When the measurement reset is complete, issue the measure show command.  It should say Measurement engine is running.


There are CLI commands that allow you to display the current status of the licenses that are installed on the PacketShaper appliance.  The keys that are not installed or purchased will show up with the value = Non Applicable.

Available CLI commands are:

  • Version verbose - Displays the software version, model, serial number, and memory capacity of the appliance.  It also includes the part number, inside and outside MAC addresses, installed license keys, and installed plug-ins.
  • Setup show - Displays the basic configuration of the PacketShaper, including the installed license keys as part of the non-sharable (local) settings.
  • Setup keys show - Displays the installed license keys. This command can only be issued in touch mode.

The keys are displayed along with the classes and feature set keys installed at other times in the appliance configuration.

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