How to reduce the disk space used by the databse on the IntelligenceCenter server

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In IntelligenceCenter, how can you reduce the amount of diskspace required for the database?

To reduce disk space, you will need to reduce your retention periods for the reports as follows:
  1. Login to ICĀ 
  2. Select the DataCollector device
  3. Click the Configuration tab and modify to match the following settings:
    User-added image
  4. Click Save
The Postgres db will then take a few minutes to resize itself.

Note: When adjusting the Metric Data Retention Configuration, all three columns must be identical.
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First Published      10/01/2014
Last Modified      08/25/2016
Last Published      08/25/2016
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Summary      This article provides the steps for reducing the reporting retention periods in order to reduce the size of the database on the IntelligenceCenter server.
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