How to resolve warning message: "Waiting for discovery" for "Last Updated Time"



The following message, "Waiting for discovery" for "Last Updated Time" can occur for several reasons:

1. One of the required three ports; 21, 443 and 80 are block by a network device such as firewalls, proxy servers, switch or routers.
2.  In order for IC to collect data for the PacketShaper, the three mentioned ports need to be opened. To verify, run <netstat –na> from IC CMD prompt and verify that the ports are in listening state.
3.  The DC “Data Sources” tab does not have a check mark in the Collect Metrics box.
4.   FTP protocol was blocked between IC and PacketShaper.
5.   The touch password is incorrect or has been changed on PacketShaper, but not updated on IC.
6.  PacketShaper was RMA’d without being properly removed from IC first.
If all above issues have been verified and corrected and still seeing error message, open a case with Blue Coat Support
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