How to upgrade Director to SGME or higher

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What are the instructions to upgrade my Director 510 or Director VM to SGME or higher?



Important: The upgrade procedure for version 6.x is significantly changed from earlier releases. You must archive your configuration and upload it to an external server.  Make sure to read the "Upgrade Prerequisites" before you proceed. After you complete upgrading to version 6.x, you must install a license to resume managing the ProxySG appliances in your network.

Upgrade Prerequisites:

  1. Generate and download a license file for your Director. For instructions, please refer to 000011366.
  2. Archive your current configuration. When you install v6.x, the Director application and operating system is reinstalled on the appliance. The reinstallation process resets all existing configuration on your appliance; to preserve your current configuration, you must archive and upload your configuration to an external server before you begin with the upgrade.  It is also recommended you validate your archive before upgrading to make sure you have a valid archive and key.
  3. Make sure you have access to an HTTP, SCP, or FTP server and have access privileges to upload data to it.
  4. If you have set up a redundant Director configuration, you must make the Director appliances standalone before restoring an archive to either the primary or the secondary Director in the standby pair. After restoring the archive, you can reconfigure the redundant configuration.
  5. Ensure physical access to your Director appliance. To re-image the appliance, you will need to attach the USB drive to the appliance, and then establish a serial console connection to complete the procedure.
  6. Ensure access to a Linux server, or a Windows server installed with Cygwin. Cygwin is an open source community dedicated to providing the rich tools of Linux on Windows. You can download Cygwin here:

Follow the instructions below to install v6.x on your Director:

  1. Archive and upload your configuration. For instructions, please refer to 000010138.
  2. Upgrade Director 510. To upgrade Director to SGME or higher, use one of the following methods:

    1. Boot the latest SGME or higher image (using either the ISO or the USB image). For instructions, please refer to 000010589.
    2. Download and install the upgrade package. You can install the upgrade package only if you are using SGME or later. If you are using an earlier version, you must upgrade using the SGME or higher USB image. For instructions, please refer to 000011468.
  1.  Set up network acccess.
  2.  Import an existing Director configuration. For instructions, please refer to 000010138.
  3.  Install the license. For instructions, please refer to 000011225.


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