Installing or uninstalling the ThreatPulse Client Connector in Windows without user interaction (quiet install)

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You need to deploy the ThreatPulse Client Connector executable without requiring end user interaction.

This may be necessary for scripted installs or deployment through a centralized management system (e.g. Microsoft SCCM or others)



Here are the commands that can be used from a script or an administrative command prompt to quietly install the Client Connector:


To install:

msiexec /i ClientInstaller.msi /quiet /norestart


To uninstall

msiexec /x ClientInstaller.msi /quiet /norestart


NOTE: If necessary, the installer password can be added to the command line as usual by appending "SUP=mypassword" behind the name of the MSI file. 

See the following article for more information on the install/uninstall password: 000011449



The /norestart switch is recommended to minimize end user interruption.

A restart is actually required to fully complete the installation and uninstallation and the Client Connector may not function properly until the operating system has been rebooted.

Either the /promptrestart or the /restart switches will cause the operating system to reboot at the end of the installation without warning or confirmation.


NOTE: This article only applies to installing the Client Connector on the Microsoft Windows operating system.


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