Load forwarding option is not available in the CLI when running SGOS MACH5 Edition

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When SGOS is configured in MACH 5 edition, the forwarding option is not available.  When SGOS is configured in Proxy Edition, the forwarding option is available.  Please see the sample output below showing that the forwarding option is not available for SGOS running in MACH 5 edition and is available for SGOS running in Proxy Edition.

For MACH5 Edition:

SG210#sh ver
Version: SGOS MACH5 Edition
Release id: 45055
UI Version: Build: 45055
Serial number: 5107066038
NIC 0 MAC: 00D08304FEB7
SG210#conf t
SG210#(config)load forwarding      <----- The option is not available
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.
SG210#(config)load ?
 exceptions                   Download new exceptions
 license-key                  Download new license-key
 policy                       Download new policy
 proxy-client-software        Download new ProxyClient software
 rip-settings                 Download new RIP settings
 static-route-table           Download new static route table
 threat-protection            Download threat-protection updates
 timezone-database            Download new time zone database
 ui-update                    Download a UI update
 upgrade                      Download new system image
 wccp-settings                Download new WCCP settings

For Proxy Edition:

SG200#show ver
Version: SGOS Proxy Edition    
Release id: 44534
UI Version: Build: 45872
Serial number: 2406060148
NIC 0 MAC: 00D08304B867
SG200#conf t
SG200#(config)load ?
 forwarding                   Download new forwarding settings     <----- forwarding is available

This is known issue where bug#141342 had been filed and it will be fixed in SGOS5.5.4 or later.


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