No Serial Number and Part Number shown from command "ver ver" output



- PacketShaper's LCD will show "corrupt config".
- The Packetshaper could not be accessed using Web browser.

You will be directed to the corrupt.htm via WEG GUI while you access to the PacketShaper using web browser as below:-
"PacketShaper configuration is corrupted. Please contact Packeteer technical support."



Have the direct console connection to PacketShaper and run the command <ver ver>

Example of the <ver ver> output:-

PacketShaper# ver ver

  Version:                   PacketShaper v6.0.1g1 2003-05-15

  Product:                   PacketShaper unknown

  Part Number:

  Serial Number:

  Memory:                    512MB RAM, 59.1MB Flash total, 55.6MB Flash available

  Inside MAC Address:        00:60:fb:50:c4:95

  Outside MAC Address:       00:60:fb:50:c4:96

  Installed Keys:            none

  Copyright (c) 1996-2003 Packeteer, Inc. All rights reserved.


If no Serial Number and Part Number shown from command <ver ver> output. This indicated that PacketShaper is  damaged and needs to be manually recreated for the basic.cfg file. You must contact the Blue Coat Technical Support to resolve this issue. The unit needs to be re-brand PacketShaper.



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InQuira Doc IdKB3151

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