Pulling a overlay file from a URL doesn't work

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I cannot pull a overlay file from a web server, using the URL feature of DIrector. 

I would like to pull the local policy from a URL but it does not appear to be working. The policy is blank when refreshed.


To duplicate this issue, follow these steps:

NOTE: Ensure you have a overlay file- Text file with SG CLI syntax- on a web server, ready to download.

  • Login into Director, using your admin account.
  • Load the Director Management Console ( DMC) and navigate to the configure tab.
  • Create new overlay and provide the profile overlay with the URL.
  • Select OK, and say Yes when it ask for refresh.

Result: One some versions of Director SGME, it will throw Download failed exception.  However, on the latest version- SGME 5.5.12- the screen is blank.  Using a Sniffer trace tool, you can see that no interaction is initiated between the Director appliance, and the host web server.

Expected result:   Overlay file, or profile should be downloaded from the URL, and applied, if configured, to the right SG appliances.

NOTE1: This issue has been fixed in version 

NOTE2: For an overlay to work the text needs to be deliminted by two "in-line" statements, are per the below example:

inline policy local end-499585986-inline
    DENY url.host.substring=chatenabled.mail.google.com

Notes to other relevant articles.

For details on other CLI commands, see  000014637

For details on how to user a overlay file to upgrade your SG license.see000011433

For more details on how to construct a overlay, backup, or a profile file, see 000010276

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Last Published      10/01/2014
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