Reporter won't send email alerts or scheduled reports

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Reporter won't email reports when the "Email" button is clicked.

Reporter won't email scheduled reports that are set for "Send report by email"

Reporter won't send email alerts and the "Test Alert Email" button shows "Send Failed"


The most common cause of Reporter's failure to correctly send emails is a general connectivity issue with the SMTP server. This could be a routing issue, a network firewall, or more commonly, a local firewall on the server that Reporter is running on. Please try disabling the local firewall on the server (Ex: Windows Firewall, McAfee VirusScan) and then click the "Test Alert Email" button in Reporter. That button can be found in the Reporter web interface at the following location: Administration -> General Settings -> System Settings -> Alerts.

Troubleshooting TIP: A very easy way to determine whether there is a network issue, navigate to the server's command prompt (either by navigating to the Windows server and opening a command prompt or to the CLI of the Linux server), and typing this command (without the quotes): "telnet 25" where is the IP address of your email server. This command attempts to open a TCP session to the email server on TCP port 25, which is the default port for SMTP. If you type this command in and get a blank response (no error), TCP 25 is open from the server to the email server, ruling out a network issue. For a deper discussion on how to use telent to test out a SMTP host, see the MS article.

NOTE1: Though it may not look like a firewall, McAfee's On-Access Scanner has been known to block Reporter's emails. Please try disabling this service for testing purposes, and then try the "Test Alert Email" button. If that resolves the issue, work with your system administrator to create a rule exempting Reporter from this service.

NOTE2: For details on a SMTP issue with Microsofts E-mail client, Outlook, see 000014665

NOTE3: For details on how to increase the 25000 row limit on e-mails reports, 000009980

NOTE4: For a very detailed discussion on why e-mails are declined by SMTP servers,  see Wkik-site  For the RFC on declined codes, see rfc3463.  You may also see the many reasons Outlook declines e-mails, by reviewing this document from Codefish.

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