SGOS TCPIP splits standard size packet to smaller data length (mss) to 512 bytes or smaller, for outbound traffic to upstream device, breaks connection.

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When proxy TCPIP and upstream device both agreed on MTU as default
Maximum segment size: 1400 bytes
but when proxy sent out-bound packet to upstream, it only used max data length (or max segment size--mss)  512 bytes.
If the HTTP GET request data length is over 512, Proxy divided it to more then 1 packet. This caused connection break down, as some up stream device can not understand this kind of packet, and failed the communication.

This setup the Transparent proxy, port 80 as tcp-tunnel, intercept.

client to proxy: get request 968 bytes
71    0.000999    12:31:25.903999    1940    80    HTTP    968    GET / HTTP/1.1

Proxy send to up stream: see data length 566 bytes.
72    0.000000    12:31:25.903999    19347    80    HTTP    566    GET / HTTP/1.1

follow by another packet:
73    0.000000    12:31:25.903999    19347    80    HTTP    456    Continuation or non-HTTP traffic

Upstream return 2 ACK packets for these 2 header packet, but failed to return any data.

At this setup is Transparent proxy, port 80 tcp tunnel, BYPASS.
As another pcap:

client sent get to proxy:
898    6.291999    12:41:35.896999    2010    80    HTTP    960    GET / HTTP/1.1

Proxy send it whole packet out, as BYPASS. the same size 960 bytes.
899    0.000000    12:41:35.896999    2010    80    HTTP    960    [TCP Out-Of-Order] GET / HTTP/1.1

Upstream return data:
902    0.232000    12:41:36.129000    80    2010    HTTP    1418    HTTP/1.1 200 OK

So that proved the proxy tcp break up packet to multiple < 512 packets caused the problem. This may not be a issue for most modern TCPIP network, but this customer has some content filter at upstream(websense), and that can very well caused a broken, as it can not understand partial HTTP header.

We tested in lab can reproduce the issue, a simple transparent proxy, port 80 as tcp tunnel, intercept/bypass.

And if we use, with same box same setting, no problem found. so that proved this issue is introduced at


Apply SGOS or later.


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Last Published      10/01/2014
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