Sharing information between databases and users on Reporter, version 9.x

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Can I share scheduling information, configured for one database, with other databases?

Can I share Custom reports, configured for one database, with other databases?

Can I share scheduling information, custom reports, or filtering options between users?


Information for each of the above featres are kept in various configuration files ( xxx.cfg) placed throughout Bluecoat Reporter 9.1x s folder structure.

  • For settings on scheduled reports, the information is kept in one single file, called schedules.cfg , and is stored just off the root folder in the settings folder.
  •  For saved, and custom, reports. the information is kept under the settings folder, in a folder called user_info.  Each customizatoin a user makes is saved into their own cfg file. The filename is the hashed representation of their username.

Root folders:

  • For Windows it is <installed drive>Program files/Bluecoat Reporter 9/
  • For LINUX it is in \opt\bc\reporter

For both features above, there is no out-of-the-box solution to transfer custom reports, or scheduling information, between users or databases.


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