Upgrading the 32-bit version of Reporter to 64-bit

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Upgrading the 32-bit version of Reporter to 64-bit
You want to know if you can upgrade the 32 bit version of Reporter to 64 bit


For versions 8.x and 9.x, the two databases are structured differently, and should never be re-used on either CPU type/version.

For Reporter, version 9.x, there is no direct upgrade path for the database, or any configuration files.

With Reporter, version 8, after installing the 64-bit version of Reporter fresh, you can move some  relevant .cfg files over. Examples of this may include users.cfg and  roles.cfg. If you use the same profile names in the new instance of Reporter then you may also move the profile_name.cfg file over too.

NOTE1: For details on the best practises, when dealing with Reporter, see 000008247

NOTE2: For details on what Reporter expects to see in a access log, see 000021974 

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