Upgrading to SGOS 6.1.x

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You want to upgrade to SGOS 6.1.x



The following procedure lists the high-level steps required to upgrade to SGOS 6.1.x. Additional steps are required. For complete instructions, refer to the SGOS Upgrade/Downgrade Guide.

  1. Determine your upgrade/downgrade path. You must identify all interim releases that you must upgrade to before upgrading to SGOS 6.1.x. Refer to the upgrade path diagram in the 6.x release notes on BTO.

The ProxySG must be running SGOS or it can be upgraded to
SGOS 6.1.x.

  1. Archive the current configuration so you can restore it if you encounter a problem.
  2. If you use BCAAA, install the BCAAA version that is compatible with the release you are migrating to. SGOS 6.1.x requires BCAAA 130.
  3. Install SGOS.
  4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the desired release is installed.
  5. If you upgraded from SGOS 4.x and the appliance had ever previously run SGOS 5.x, the 5.x configuration was applied during upgrade. To convert 4.x configuration settings to 5.4.x versions, run the restore-sgos4-config command.


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