Web sites are categorized as "Unavailable"

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Web sites are categorized as "Unavailable"


Example Access Log:

2007-08-07 22:19:02 59 404 TCP_NC_MISS 412 428 GET http www.sahnienterprise.com 80 /images/menu.gif - - - DIRECT www.sahnienterprise.com text/html;%20charset=iso-8859-1 http://www.sahnienterprise.com/ "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070725 Firefox/" PROXIED "Unavailable" -

Unavailable means there was an error trying to determine the category for requested URL.

Sources of error could include ..

  • Database is not installed - check show content-filter status in the Management Console
  • Database is corrupted - check show content-filter status in the Management Console
  • Communication error occurred contacting the DRTR service - check Event Log entries for DRTR messages
  • SGOS license is expired - check show license in the Management Console
  • Database is expired - check show content-filter status in the Management Console
  • Possible but not likely issues with memory or disk error - check Event Log entries for Disk or Memory messages

    Additional troubleshooting tips:
  • You should start with manually testing the URL (through the Management Console or command line interface test-url command).  If you can categorize the URLs from the Management Console (MC) or the command line interface (CLI), you can rule out most of the causes above.
  • If you get 'unavailable' in your test, then you have a problem and can run through the list above to rule out possible causes.
  • With Blue Coat Web Filter (BCWF), it is always a good idea to test a non-existent URL as well, such as foo.foo, because that will attempt to contact WebPulse, otherwise known as DRTR.  If foo.com comes up properly categorized, but foo.foo is unavailable, check your event log or health checks for DRTR problems.
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