What RADIUS and TACACS server vendors does Director support?

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Director has been tested with, and supports, the following servers:

  • Steel-Belted RADIUS server version 5.4.1 (see the limitations listed below)
  • Cisco Secure Access Control Server 4.2
  • Cisco Secure Access Control Server 5.4


  • Clearbox TACACS+ is not supported.
  • RADIUS RSA-Token authentication is not supported.
  • Steel-Belted RADIUS server version 6.0 is not supported
  • In SGME and earlier versions, Launch Management Console is displayed, instead of Configure device, on privilege levels of 15 (admin rights) when using the RADIUS protocol. This has been fixed on later versions of SGME. Blue Coat suggests you run SGME or later. 
  • On versions of SGME, the Configure Device tab is grayed out (disabled). The Add Device tab is enabled.  To fix this issue, upgrade to or later.

As of version, Director supports SecurID with RADIUS authentication. To use the one-time password feature, you must configure your RADIUS server to work with the SecurID hardware or software authenticators used in your network.

As of version, Director supports TACACS+ authorization

Servers from other vendors who support the RADIUS or TACACS protocols might work; however, Blue Coat does not officially support for them. For example, the Microsoft IAS Radius server may work but it is not officially supported.
 For details on how to configure RADIUS, see 000013365.
 For details on how to configure TACACS, see 000013371.

NOTE: For information authentication slow login issues, see 000014655 for TACACS+ and 000014177 for RADIUS.

NOTE:  For tips on using a TACACS server using RSA tokens for authentication, see 000014157.

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