What are some tips on using Reporter and it's FTP logsource?

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1: Questions on DNS naming:

  • I'm using Reporter, version 9.x and I can't use a hostname to connect to my FTP server.
  • Can I use a hostname to connect my FTP log source to the FTP server, or do I need to use the raw IP address.

Solution: The introduction of DNS feature into FTP log source will be in version 9.2.X versions of of Reporter.  With any previous versions of Reporter, you need to use a IP address.

2: Questions on the home folder:

  • Do my access logs need to be in the home folder for Reporter to pull them down.

Solution: Yes, reporter cannot change out  of the users home folder to look for acess logs.  We expect them to be kept in the users home folder.
This is the standard behavior of FTP servers, as they serve files only from the FTP HOME onwards. If the user has files outside the FTP HOME, he has to change the FTP home folder setting.

NOTE1: One exception to the above rule is this:  While official support for BSD UNIX is not available, we do suggest, if you use this vendor's FTP server,  you place your access logs on folder down from the home folder of the FTP logged in user.

3: Questions on LINUX vsftpd server:

TIP: You need to ensure, of course, that the VSFTPD is actualy installed to your server.

  • Why, when using default settings for my vsftpd service, do I see a my Reporter FTP log source unload.
  • I also see this journal entry evertime I attempt start my log source.
  • BCRJ:2010-11-17 21:42:01 (4ce4ae99) ALW.ERRO.LOGSO
       Unexpected response code 550 instead of 350 for FTP log source 'Monday night database Training:UBUNTO':
     '550 Permission denied

Solution:   By default, the write permission for all FTP users is turned off. To turn if on, edit the /etc/vsftpd.conf file, and uncoment out this setting.

  • write enable-YES.
  • restart the vsftpd Daemon and you should be able to process your access logs.

 NOTE1: Other FTP and Reporter articles are:

Log source articles: 000013828,  For a list of supported FTP servers, see 00012435 

How to configure reporter to receive access logs via the FTP from the SG  - 000008692

NOTE2: for a complete list of all FTP error codes, please see this WIKI Page.

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