What does this message mean: "Assertion failed: "t != 0" """ 230000 230000:1 ../rtsp_wm_ondemand_helper.cpp:2402 ?

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You are seeing these kinds of messages in the SG event log:

2009-08-13 03:11:06+09:00KST  "Assertion failed: "t != 0" """  230000  230000:1   ../rtsp_wm_ondemand_helper.cpp:2402

and they are flagged as priority one events.


230000 is a generic code for "RTSP asserted" and the message is telling what code and which line.

According to the RFC for RTSP:

19.1.6. C.1.6 Time of availability

   The "t=" field MUST contain suitable values for the [1]start and stop
   times for both aggregate and non-aggregate [2]stream control. With
   aggregate control, the server SHOULD indicate a stop time value for
   which it guarantees the description to be [3]valid, and a [4]start time
   that is equal to or before the time at which the DESCRIBE request was
   received. It MAY also indicate [5]start and stop times of 0, meaning
   that the [6]session is always available. With non-aggregate control, the
   values should reflect the actual period for which the [7]session is
   available in keeping with [8]SDP [9]semantics, and not depend on other
   means (such as the life of the web page containing the description)
   for this purpose.

Check the RTSP headers and investigate the streams where the 't'
value is not equal to 0.

The SG is reporting that an assumption/pre-condition here that this value
should be 0 for on-demand streams.

The RTSP header should be t=0; 0



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