What is International Domain Name (IDN) support and how does the ProxySG handle it?

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The browser will do a conversion and transform the native character URL into a new format. This means that the URL that was typed in the browser will not be what you see in the logs and in packet captures.

The ProxySG understands Punycode and RACE Code and will process those requests normally. 


Below is an example:

  • Native Characters
    This is a string of native characters that have been registered with Registry IDN Testbed.
    Exp: ?????.com
  • RACE Code
    This is a string of ASCII characters that have been registered in the Registry IDN Testbed.
    Exp: bq--3blp3fsfkmlfpx2ubu.com
  • Punycode
    Punycode is a simple and efficient ASCII-Compatible Encoding (ACE) designed for use with Internationalized Domain Names. It transforms a Unicode string into a string of characters allowed in hostname labels (ASCII letters, digits, and hyphens) and back again.
    Exp: xn--cjr6vy5ejyai80u.com


Note : It is the browser that does the conversion from native, not the ProxySG

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