What is the benefit of using Preferred IP Selection in ADN environment?

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Preferred IP Selection (for ADN) feature is only available in SGOS 6.3.x. This can be configure via command line only (GUI option is currently not available as of 22nd Feb, 2012)

Preferred IP Selection (for ADN and WAN optimization) feature promotes optimal data reduction over ADN tunnels, allowing byte caching to occur. The Preferred IP Selection feature allows you to control the list of available IP addresses to use for the ADN control channel and provides a way to see when the control connection is not established. This enables the peers to successfully establish a control connection and participate in byte caching benefits.
·         In the case of a managed ADN
Proxy administrators can now designate preferred IP addresses effectively (excluding management IP addresses that shouldn’t be advertised to other peers).
·         In the case of an unmanaged ADN
Preferred IP list can prevent problems caused by the concentrator trying to establish a control connection with the first configured IP address on the arriving interface; the arriving interface may not have any IP addresses configured or the first IP address may be a management IP address.
By default, this list is empty. What this means that all IP addresses configured on the ProxySG appliance are eligible to be used for inbound ADN control connections and explicit tunnel connections.
(Please Note: the list is preference only. If the concentrator gets an inbound ADN control connection on an IP address that is not in the preferred list, that connection is still accepted).
The preferred IP list is configured via interface.
1.       Enter the following CLI commands:
#conf t
#(config adn)tunnel
#(config adn tunnel)preferred-ip-addresses
2.       From the available IP addresses on the concentrator, add the addresses you want to specify as preferred, using the following command:
#(config adn tunnel preferred-ip-addresses)add <ip-address>
3.       Repeat step 2 for each preferred address.
4.       To view the list of preferred IP addresses, enter the following command:
#(config adn tunnel preferred-ip-addresses) view
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