What is the process to install ProxyClient software?

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What is the entire process to install the ProxyClient software?

How do I install ProxyClient via Client Manager?

How do I install ProxyClient?

I don't understand how the ProxyClient software process works.


The process for installing ProxyClient consists of two steps. Perform the step that pertains to you:

  1. The ProxyClient administrator uploads the latest ProxyClient software through the Client Manager.
    When a major SGOS version is released, the latest ProxyClient software is bundled with it. Between major SGOS releases, there are usually several ProxyClient patch releases that address issues raised in the field. To provide these fixes and enhancements to users, administrators must upload the latest ProxyClient .car file via Client Manager.
  2. After users receive the URL to the ProxyClientSetup.exe file, they install the ProxyClient software on their workstations. (If the ProxyClient software is already installed, it is updated automatically unless the administrator disables the automatic update feature.)

Installing the ProxyClient Software via the Client Manager (for Administrators)

This section describes how to obtain the ProxyClient .car file, which contains the ProxyClient software to provide to users, and how to install it via the Client Manager. 

Note: This procedure depicts a new installation of ProxyClient software.

  1. Go to http://bto.bluecoat.com.
  2. Go to Downloads and locate the version of ProxyClient software that you want to install.
  3. Click the link to download the ProxyClient software.
  4. At the prompts, enter your BlueTouch Online user name and password.
    If you do not have a BlueTouch Online login, click the link to register or go to http://www.bluecoat.com/support/supportservices/btorequest.
  5. Follow the prompts on your screen to download the .car file.
  6. In your Web browser's address bar, enter the URL to the Client Manager's Management Console, e.g., https://<IP_address>:8082.
  7. Log in as an administrator.
  8. Click Configuration ProxyClient > General Client Software.
    The 'Current ProxyClient Software' section displays information about the ProxyClient software this Client Manager is currently using.
  9. In the 'Install ProxyClient software from' section, select Local file from the pull-down menu.
  10. Click Install.
  11. At the confirmation dialog box, click Yes.
  12. In the Open dialog box, locate the .car file and click Open.
    The .car file has a name such as Windows.car or ProxyClient.car. The name of the file you download might be different.
  13. At the confirmation dialog, click OK.
    At the next update interval, the software will be distributed to all ProxyClient users except those for whom you disabled automatic software updates.

Installing the ProxyClient Software on a Workstation (for Users)

This section describes how to install the ProxyClient software on your workstation after the administrator emails you the URL to the ProxyClientSetup.exe, e.g., https:/<IP_address>:8084/proxyclient/ProxyClientSetup.exe.

  1. Click the link in the e-mail. The following dialog box displays.

First ProxyClient download dialog box
  • Click Run. The following dialog displays if your browser is Internet Explorer 7.

Running the ProxyClient installer
Note: The Security Warning dialog indicates that ProxyClientSetup.exe is not signed. This is because ProxyClientSetup.exe is unique to each Client Manager.


  • Click Run. The ProxyClient software download begins. During the download, a progress indicator similar to the following displays.

When the download completes, the InstallShield Wizard dialog box displays.
First page of the ProxyClient installer
  • Click Next.
  • The Destination Folder dialog box allows you to specify the folder location to which ProxyClient is installed. Blue Coat recommends that you install to the default directory: C:\Program Files\Blue Coat\Proxy Client. To accept the default, click Next and proceed to the next step.
    To install to a different directory, click Change. The Change Current Destination Folder dialog displays. Navigate to a folder and click OK.
  • When you are satisfied with your installation preparation decisions, click Install. The Installing Blue Coat ProxyClient wizard dialog box displays.

Installing the ProxyClient
When the installation is complete, a dialog box displays.
  • Click Restart Now to reboot the system immediately. Click Restart Later to reboot the system at a later time. Select this option if you want to save work before you reboot.
    You are finished installing the ProxyClient.
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