What is the recommended max number of connections for ICAP to a ProxyAV appliance

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On the ProxySG, what is the recommended number of connections for ICAP to a ProxyAV appliance?

There are ICAP Maximum Connections recommended in the documents of ICAP deployment (link below), but however there are other environmental circumstenses that may have different optimal settings.

For the "ICAP Max number of connections",  we usually recommend by clicking the "Sense Settings" to automatically configure the ICAP service using the ICAP server parameters. That will use the optimal number of max connection for that particular ICAP service.


You can also refer to below "Sense Setting" command in CLI:

To check if there are performance bottle-neck on the sensed setting, you can view Proxy AV appliance statistics for CPU, Memory Usage, ICAP Objects, ICAP Bytes and Concurrent Connections:

If you have more thank one(1) unit of ProxyAV box, you may refer to the below document for "ICAP load balancing explained":


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Last Published      10/01/2014
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