What ports does Director use?

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What ports do I need to open in my firewall for Director?
If I use Port Address Translation (PAT), what ports do I need to forward for Director?



With SGME 5.4.2 and later, the Director appliance uses the following ports:

  • 8082 for accessing the Director Management Console and to enable Director to start the ProxySG Management Console
  • 8085 for registering devices and for downloading the SGME and later Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) application used to start the Management Console
  • 8086 for registering devices
  • 8087 is used to download jar files (introduced after private certs were allowed to be used on Director
  • 22 for Secure Shell (SSH) access
  • 23 for Telnet if Telnet is enabled (Telnet is disabled by default)
  • 873 (UDP) for standby

The ports are used as follows:

  • Director Management Console to Web browser on 8085 (download the JNLP application)
  • Director Management Console to Director on 22 (for general communication)
  • Director Management Console to ProxySG on 8082 (for statistics only)
  • Director Management Console to Director on 8082 (for Java WebStart launch)
  • Director appliance to ProxySG on 8082 (getting updated Java Archive (.jar) files after a ProxySG upgrade)
  • Director appliance to ProxySG on 22
  • Director appliance to Director appliance on 873 (UDP) for standby
  • Registration, ProxySG to Director appliance on 8085 and 8086



1: As indicated in NOTE2 below, Director uses ICMP pings before contacting each ProxySG.  If ICMP is disabled on the network, then Director will not function properly.  Please see 000008980 for details.

2: If you have not configured Director to point to a DNS server, the Director Management console will fail with a HTTP 500 error. See 000015284 for more details.

NOTE1: For more information on version, and the introduction of a webserver on port 80, see 000014310.

NOTE2:  A health check is done against each ProxySG appliance every minute To do this, the Director sends triggers this CLI command on each SG:

  • Director # show system-resource-metrics xml
  • A ping is also conducted prior to connecting to each.   For more information on this, see 000008980.

NOTE3: For more information on how to troubleshoot Director, using its journals, and logs, see  000011526.

NOTE4: For information on how to troubleshoot why you can't load the User Interface to login to Director, see 000014650.


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