What ports need to left open for Reporter to work?

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 I am seeing failed to bind on port 8082 as a error message when I attempt to bring up Reporter.

The roles page, on version 8.x , will not open.

Using version 8.x I only see the Reporter banner  when going to “Reporter filter.  In other words, I see a blank page on the fitlering screen.

Reporter is crashing, and will not load.


Here are some tips to follow when your reporter won't load:

  • For version 8.x, ensure that there is nothing listening on ports 8987 and 8082 before loading Reporter.
  • For version 9.x, ensure there is nothing listening on port 8081.
    • Use netstat -a in a command line to determine this.
    • Note: You can use the following command to find a port on the server:
      •  Netstat – an |find <port#>
      • to find the other port, listen on: Netstat – an|find <port#>.
      • To set this up permanently, use this command on the command line:
        •  Netstat – an 1|find <port#>
  • Ensure Reporter is starting before IIS.
  • ISS (not IIS) security software is known to hold port 8082 open.
  • Mcafee virus software has been known to hold open port 8081.

Note: If all of the above have been validated, the most probable cause of the loading issue is a corupt database. See these articles for more information:

  • For Version 8.x database coruption issues see KB3324
  • For Version 9.x database coruption issues see 000010417
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