What type of authentication Realm ( LDAP, or IWA) is supported by Reporter?

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Does Reporter support using an IWA authentication realm?

Does Reporter support an LDAP authentication realm?

Can I configure my ProxySG appliance to use a IWA authentication Realm while my Reporter server uses an LDAP authentication realm?

  1. To authenticate users, Reporter uses a local user list or the LDAP protocol.  It does not support the IWA authentication methodologies. 
  2. You can configure your ProxySG appliance to use an IWA realm as long the access log it sends to Reporter conforms to these Reporter specifications.
  • For a list of the proper access log fields, see 000021974
  • For a list of the user ID syntax fields Reporter supports, see 000014866 

In this configuration, Blue Coat recommends that you use the same authentication source (Active Directory, e-Directory, or a third party LDAP compatible source) for both Reporter and the ProxySG appliance(s).  To ensure consistency, Blue Coat also advises that you to use the same Base DN on both.

NOTE1: To set your default username syntax on a per database basis, see 000010771

NOTE2: To configure an LDAP realm in Reporter, follow the instructions in this article 000013348

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