What upgrade path do I have to follow, to ensure I get Director to the latest 5.x operating system?

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Upgrading to Director, version, can be done in one step from these versions:


However, upgrading to Director, version  needs to be done in steps.  You cannot take a older Director version, and jump it up to the very latest in one step. You need to upgrade incrementaly. 

Here's the upgrade path  that we suggest you follow::

  1. SGME
  2. SMGE
  3. SGME
  4. SGME
  5. SGME

NOTE1: Steps 3 and 6 can be skipped, but, apart from that, you must follow this upgrade path.

NOTE2: For information on how to upgrade Director, see 000011471

NOTE3: For information on how troubleshoot, using the archive file, see 000011526

NOTE4:  For information on what ports need to be open to get to the Director, see 000015461

NOTE5: For information on troubleshoot tips, regarding not being able to access the UI, see 000014650

NOTE6: For a summary on what command line interface commands are available, see 000014637

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