What value should you set for total space used on disk for access logs?

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The ProxySG appliance provides settings that allow it to trigger a early upload. These triggers depend on the amount of disk space that all access logs, in total, consume. For example, if you set 32GB for the total system access logging, the appliance immediately reserves 32GB of disk space that cannot be used for caching. For instructions on specifying these settings, refer to the SGOS Administration Guide and review the "Configuring Global Settings" in the "Creating and Editing an Access Log Facility" chapter.

Although there might be times when the reserved space is not consumed by access logging, it is a good practice to assume that it will eventually be consumed by access logging and thus be unavailable for caching. 


For information on what type of access logs should be uploaded to the Blue Coat Reporter product, see 000021974.

For information on how to set up the appliance to send its access logs to a Blue Coat Reporter server via FTP, see 000008692

For information on various FTP log source issues with Blue Coat Reporter, see 000012435. 

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