What versions of Windows does BCAAA support?

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What versions of Windows does BCAAA support?
Does BCAAA support 64-bit Windows?
Does BCAAA support Windows Vista?
Does BCAAA support Windows 2008 server?


As of this writing, the BCAAA agent does not support Windows NT4 or Windows Vista.  Starting with BCAAA that ships with SGOS and later, BCAAA now supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 2008, in addition to 32-bit versions of Windows 2003 server and Windows 2000 SP4 server.  All previous versions of BCAAA continue to only support Windows 2003 server (32-bit), or Windows 2000 SP4 servers.  As an added note (as of 04 OCT 2013), Windows 2003 R2 have not been validated but should work.

Note: There are 2 versions of the BCAAA being maintained.

Click here for the BCAAA download page for more info

Please refer to the SGOS Configuration and Management Guide (CMG) about BCAAA for your specific version of SGOS.  The CMGs are located at https://bto.bluecoat.com/documentation/pubs/ProxySG .  Additionally, the SGOS release notes may contain additional BCAAA OS requirements.  Those additional BCAAA requirements are located in the "Upgrading the BCAAA Authentication Service" section of the release notes.  The SGOS release notes are found at https://bto.bluecoat.com/download/ProxySG .  The SGOS 5.4.x release notes are available at https://bto.bluecoat.com/download/product/17 .


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