When I attempt to schedule a weekly report I see numbers instead of days of the week.



Using a French installation of Windows and the browser, Internet Explorer version 7, I see numbers for the days of the week  when I attempt to  schedule a report weekly.

Instead of the names of the day- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - I see numbers.



To see this problem follow these steps:

  • Using a French version of Windows XP and Service Pack three , log into a Reporter server.  
  • NOTE: Reporter, version,  was installed on an English version of Windows 2003.
  • Load the database, and go to the reports tab.
  • Run a report.
  • Up at the top right, schedule this same report.
  • Choose any format, and choose the frequency as weekly.
  • Click on on the "ON" option next to this.
  • Here you will see numbers instead of days of the week.


 This is a screen shot of  symptom:



The next three screen shots show an overview of of all the Local settings - which show the settings properly set to english-  on this same workstation:








 NOTE: Clearing all temporary files and cache (from IE AND JAVA) but changing this setting back to French, as the below screen shot shows,  causes the symptoms to manifest.


NOTE: Changing the above screen shot back to English, and clearing the cache, causes the symptom to disappear.



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