When configured, how does Reporter contact the Bluecoat website to check for updates, and upload anonymous statistical information?



With the "Reporter Improvement program" area , what website do we go to, and how often do we go. 

When Reporter, Version 9.2.x, checks for updates, what web site does we go to to check for updates, and how often. When I press the "check now" button, why don't I see the latest version displayed?



To locate the above to settings, so you can configure them follow these steps:

  1. Login to Reporter, and navigate to the administration section of the interface.
  2. Click on the General settings tab.
  3. Click on "System settings".

Scrolling down you'll see the updates title, and the "Reporter Improvement Program" titles.

Checking for updates to your Reporter version:

We check for the latest version every day. You can see a schedule node for this in schedule.cfg file with node name " schedule_update_version_check".  Reporter will seek out this website  https://bto.bluecoat.com/download/direct/reporter URL to check the updates. This location is specified in settings\preferences file. You can search for “update_location” string to see this value.

If you want to check for updates, right away, click on “check now”, button. You may need to refresh your browser to see the result.

The Reporter improvement program:

If you have configured to allow Reporter to upload anonymous information, it will  upload the data to https://hb.bluecoat.com/cgi-bin/nph-ro3690il url. Reporter uploads the data every day. You can see a schedule node for this in schedule.cfg file with node name " schedule_heart_beat_upload".


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