Where is the Log Reader activity declared on Reporter?

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The older versions of Reporter used to have a history of the access log processing; Where is it on Reporter, version 9.1.x?

Can you tell me where I can find what logs have been processed, and when, on Reporter version 9.1.x?  

Can you show me where the diagnostic information is for each of my log sources I've configured on Reporter?


Here's how to find the Log Reader acitivty  for each database and Log Source pair.

  • Login to Reporter using you admin account.
  • Navigate to the Administration section of the User interface.
  • Click on the System Overview tab.
  • On the System Diagnostics section,scroll down un till you see "Database overview" .
  • On the far right you will see two clickable links.
    • Log Sources.
    • Log Sources History.
  • Clicking on "Logs Sources" link will show you summary statistics of that Log Reader, and a list acess logs ready to be processed.
  • Clicking on the Log source History link will show you row of statistics  for each access log processed.
    • Depending on the amount of access logs processed, this page may be slow to load.

 Note: In Reporter, version 9.1x a Log Source is the new term for what version 8 used to call a Log Reader


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