Which protocols do I need to allow through the network for Xpress to operate?

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This depends on the mode (legacy or enhanced) which the PacketShaper is configured and in the case of enhanced mode, which tunnel options are selected.


Legacy compression was first introduced in PacketWise 6.0.  PacketWise 6.x and 7.x only support Legacy compression tunnels.  Legacy compression uses RSVP (IP Protocol 46)  for tunnel partner and tunnel host discovery.  IPComp (IP protocol 108) is used for sending compressed traffic.  Both these protocols must be allowed through the network in order for Legacy compression to operate correctly.


Enhanced tunneling was first introduced in PacketWise 8.0.  PacketShapers running in Enhanced mode can be configured for Compression, Acceleration and Packing.  These configuration options along with the choice for Tunnel Firewall support determine which protocols will be used. 

RSVP (IP Protocol 46) is used for discovery of tunnel partners and remote tunnel hosts in both Legacy and Enhanced mode.  In enhanced mode RSVP can be eliminated if both static tunnels and static lists of tunnel hosts are configured.

In Enhanced mode, IP Protocol 99 is always used between tunnel partners to establish a tunnel. This is the case for both dynamic tunnels (partner discovered via RSVP) or static tunnels.

With Enhanced tunnels, if just compression is enabled, tunneled traffic will be sent over a TCP connection on TCP port 64600. 

The following table list the protocols which will be used for actual tunneled traffic.

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