Why can't I access Gmail with Google Chrome when using the ProxySG in an SSL Forward Proxy deployment?



The problem has been reported to engineering and has been fixed.  For details, including fixed releases, please see SA44.


Google Chrome uses the value configured by Internet Explorer as the default setting.  A possible reason that Gmail cannot be accessed is because TLS v1 support has been disabled on Internet Explorer.

To solve this problem, re-enable the TLS v1 option in IE by going to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Settings > Use TLS 1.0 and select the Use TLS 1.0 checkbox.

If re-enabling TLS v1 or upgrading SGOS is not an option, you can bypass interception to www.google.com for transparent deployments or disable protocol detection for explicit deployments.


Example for Transparent Proxy:
    url.domain="www.google.com" ssl.forward_proxy(no)


Example for Explicit Proxy:
    url.domain=www.google.com detect_protocol(no)



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