Why do I intermittently receive the message: "Connection to the SG has been lost. The Management Console is logging out"

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The Java application that has been installed in the client machine might be causing this issue. Occasionally Java does not honor the exclusion list even after the IP address is added to the exclusion list.

To check if the Java application is causing the issue:

  1. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > Proxy Server>Advanced
  2. Add the ProxySG IP address to the Exceptions section: Do not use proxy server for addresses beginning with.
  3. Enter the Java control panel and check the option Enable Tracing and Enable logging as shown below.




  1. Attempt to access the Management Console.
  2. If you receive a debug log similar to the one shown below while accessing the Management Console, switch the Java configuration to a direct connection instead of using browser settings.
--java Console debug---
network: Conect and http://y.y.y.y:8083/ con proxy=HTTP @ proxy.xx.xxx.xx/y.y.y.y:80
FAILED ==> show system-resource-metrics xml brief: Connection to SG failed.
--end java console debug---
To switch the Java configuration to use a direct connection:
  1. Open the Java Control Panel > General > Network Setting
  2. Select the Direct connection radio button as shown below.


  1. Click Apply then OK.
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