Why isn't the PacketShaper selecting the latest 8.x version of software when doing an upgrade?

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My PacketShaper is currently running software version 6.x./7.x.  When I use the browser interface to upgrade, the PacketShaper is downloading the last 7.x release — not the 8.x release that I want to load.



Follow the steps below to download the latest 8.x release using the PacketShaper browser interface:


  1. Click the setup tab.
  2. Under Choose Setup Page select image.
  3. In the Image File Location field you will need to tell the PacketShaper to download 8.x release builds.


  1. Click load new image in the image configuration window to install the latest software image. 


The latest 8.x release should now be loaded on your PacketShaper. 


Instead of using the browser interface, you can download any 8.x image from the Packeteer customer website, and then put it on your PacketShaper. See Upgrade Using the Packeteer Support Website.


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