x-duration log field is blank for Windows Media streams



Your ProxySG is configured for access-logging of Windows Media streams using the default 'streaming' log format, or an equivalent format which includes the x-duration log field, but the field is blank for some Windows Media streaming websites.


Access-logging of the x-duration field for Windows Media streams that are handled by the Silverlight browser plugin is currently unsupported by ProxySG. The root cause of this limitation is that existing versions of the plugin use a non-standard implementation of the WM-HTTP specification, which forms the basis for the collection of streaming log data by the ProxySG.

Silverlight media streams can normally be identified by right-clicking in the video display area of a given website. If the website is designed to use the regular Windows Media Player plugin, a multi-entry context menu will be displayed which normally has 'Play/Pause' at the top and 'About' at the bottom, whereas if it's designed to use the Silverlight plugin a single-entry context menu will be displayed, with just 'Silverlight'.


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