Akamai traffic is blocked as Malicious Sites when using SmartFilter

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Affected Products

ProxySG with SmartFilter as the content filter provider


 A popular Content Delivery Network, Akamai, had one of their URLs categorized under the "Malicious Sites" category in the SmartFilter content filter database.  The specific version of the database which contains that error is not known at this time, nor is it known if Secure Computing (the vendor who provides SmartFilter) is aware of the issue or has a change coming.


 This is not an issue with any Blue Coat product, but if the Malicious Sites category is blocked users may receive a block page which may have Blue Coat styles.


The following Local policy can be added to mitigate this issue:

url.domain=a248.e.akamai.net url.category="Malicious Sites" allow

The above policy does not take into account any authentication or other rules, so use it only until the incorrect category is corrected by a normal SmartFilter update.

Bug Number
InQuira Doc IdTFA52

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