Director Upgrade for New License System

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This Blue Coat Technical Alert applies to Director 6.1.1 only. 


Director Upgrade for New License System

September 10, 2012 


This Blue Coat Technical Alert applies to Director 6.1.1 only.  Blue Coat has identified a need to update our existing licensing mechanism used in Director 6.1.1 and SGOS (see the SGOS Technical Alert for more details on SGOS). During the upgrade of the licensing subsystem, Blue Coat will provide a transition phase where any valid licensed edition will continue to function with no change in behavior. In order to address this issue and upgrade to a new license mechanism, Blue Coat requires all users of Director 6.1.1 to upgrade to a new version of Director containing a new licensing subsystem by July 4, 2013. 

Blue Coat will make available a new version of Director, version 6.1.2 with the new licensing by October 15, 2012. 


What happens if I do not upgrade my Director version?

For those customers running Director version 6.1.1 that use the older licensing subsystem, Director will continue to operate normally through July 4, 2013.  By July 4, 2013, all customers should have transitioned to a newer Director version with the new licensing subsystem. 

For those customers that have not upgraded Director to a newer version of operating system with the new licensing subsystem by July 4. 2013, those Director systems on older releases will continue to operate normally until the next licensing event.  A licensing event includes a reboot, crash, or other licensing event (such as changing the license to trial mode).  As long as the customer upgrades to a release supporting the new licensing subsystem before a licensing event occurs, the system will continue to operate normally.  If a licensing event does happen after July 4, 2013, the system will display a licensing error and will not function correctly. The customer will then need to upgrade to a supported Director release before the system will continue to operate.


What versions of Director are affected? 

Only Director 6.1.1 is affected by this issue.  Customers running versions prior to 6.1.1 can continue to use their version of Director.  If the customer decides to upgrade to version 6.x, they should move to version 6.1.2, available by October 15, 2012.


What version of Director should I upgrade to ?

Ideally, customers should be running 6.1.2 and upgrade to this release when possible. 

If the customer is not under an entitled support contract and are running a version of Director prior to 6.1.1, they should stay on their Director version.


When will the new Director versions be available?

Director 6.1.2 is expected to be released by October 15, 2012


Where can I get more information?

For additional assistance with upgrading your Director version, please visit , Director Download page for the updated SW and associated Release Notes.

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