McAfee engine no longer available on ProxyAV 2.5.x.x or older after May 1st 2012.

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Technical Alert

Affected Products

ProxyAV versions 2.5.x.x and older that use the McAfee scan engine.


Support for the McAfee scan engine on ProxyAVs running 2.5.x.x (which was end of lifed on June 20th 2010) will be phased out in a 2 phase approach.

  1. Currently the McAfee scan engine for ProxyAV 2.5.x.x or older is available for download but it is not being updated.
  2. On May 1st 2012 the McAfee scan engine for ProxyAVs running 2.5.x.x will no longer be available.

During all of the above phases traffic will continue to be scanned with the pattern files available on ProxyAV.  Be aware that the pattern files will no longer be updated which poses a risk if a new virus is found.  Upgrading ProxyAV to 3.4 or newer is recommended.

If alerts are enabled on ProxyAV for failed updates, alerts will be sent regularly for the failed updates starting on May 1st 2012.


Upgrade to ProxyAV 3.4.x.x or newer.

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Last Published      10/01/2014
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