Notice of Status Change - ProxySG Appliance Hard Drives

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Technical Alert

Affected Products
SG900 -10,20  PR, M5
SG900- 10B PR, M5
SG9000 -10 -20 PR, M5
SG9000 - 20B PR, M5


Blue Coat expresses sympathy with the people of Thailand because of the floods in their country and hopes that they recover swiftly from the disaster. Due to this tragedy, the supply of hard disk drives used in some Blue Coat ProxySG appliances has been interrupted and it is unclear when or whether Blue Coat will be able to obtain more. This shortage affects the following ProxySG appliance models: 900-10, 9000-10 and 9000-20. This announcement describes the actions Blue Coat will be taking to continue shipments of appliances to our customers.
Blue Coat is announcing a Notice of Status Change for specific models of the ProxySG 900 Series appliances and the ProxySG 9000 Series appliances on 22 November 2011.


What's New
Milestones and Dates
The following table summarizes the lifecycle milestones in this announcement as well as important information regarding dates and support options during this period. The dates and milestones provided are in accordance with the Blue Coat Software Support and Product Lifecycle Policy.

Notice of Status Change
The date of announcement of a pending product lifecycle change, such as End of Sale, End of Maintenance and End of Life.
22 Nov 2011
Introduction of SKUs
The date at which the SKUs listed below will be offered for sale, if not currently being sold.
16 Dec 2011
End of Sale (EOS)
The date after which these products will no longer be offered for sale.
After this date, the following editions of discontinued models will no longer be sold: Proxy Edition, MACH5 and Cold Standby.
Note: Upgrades from MACH5 to Proxy Edition will be offered until End of Life.
Supply constraints could affect orders placed prior to End of Sale. Please see the ‘Customer Actions’ section below for more details.
30 Apr 2012
End of Life (EOL)
The date after which Blue Coat no longer provides technical support for the product.
After EOL, Blue Coat will no longer provide any security-related maintenance and software downloads may be unavailable. Any existing technical support contracts extending past this date will be honored for their full term of service.





Products Introduced
ProxySG 900 Series

Product Code
Blue Coat SG900-10B, Proxy Edition
Blue Coat SG900-10B, MACH5 Edition

ProxySG 9000 Series

Product Code
Blue Coat SG9000-20B, Proxy Edition
Blue Coat SG9000-20B, MACH5 Edition

The ProxySG 900-10B and 9000-20B require the same minimum SGOS releases as the ProxySG 900-10 and 9000-20 appliances that are currently shipped. These minimum releases are SGOS, SGOS and SGOS There is one exception: while the ProxySG 9000-20 requires or above, the ProxySG 9000-20B requires SGOS or above.
Products Being Discontinued

Product Code
Blue Coat SG900-10, Proxy Edition
Blue Coat SG900-10, MACH5 Edition
Blue Coat SG9000-10, Proxy Edition
Blue Coat SG9000-10, MACH5 Edition
Blue Coat SG9000-20, Proxy Edition
Blue Coat SG9000-20, MACH5 Edition

Per Blue Coat policy, support is available for the discontinued ProxySG appliance platforms for no less than five years from End of Sale. Blue Coat continues to offer FRUs and a full set of accessory and upgrade options, including the ability to upgrade 9000-5 and 9000-10 appliances to 9000-20B appliances.


Customer Actions
Appliances with an EOS date in this announcement contain disk drives that are currently unavailable due to flooding in Thailand. Blue Coat will fulfill orders for these appliances and their FRUs and upgrade kits until the current stock of the affected drives has been depleted. After that, fulfillment can only resume if and when the drives are once again made available to the marketplace. Blue Coat is unable to predict whether or when this will occur. Therefore, Blue Coat strongly encourages customers to consider the new “-B” models or similarly performing models not affected by this announcement.
Customers with ProxySG 900-10 appliances and ProxySG 9000-20 appliances are advised to begin the qualification process for ProxySG 900-10B and ProxySG 9000-20B models.
Blue Coat recommends that customers running ProxySG 9000-10 appliances consider last time purchases. Future deployments requiring similar levels of performance should consider the ProxySG 900-30, ProxySG 900-45 or ProxySG 9000-20B appliances.
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