ProxyAV,, and licensing issue.

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Technical Alert

Affected Products

All ProxyAV appliances running,, or



An issue has been discovered with how ProxyAVs running,, or interact with the licensing server for trial and permanent licenses. After 30 days of installing these releases ProxyAV will send a license validation request to the licensing server which will result in an error. Once an error is received ProxyAV will continually send the validation request. Expect to see additional bandwidth consumption from ProxyAV after 30 days when running the affected releases. You can confirm if your ProxyAV is experiencing this issue by accessing the ProxyAV's management console, click the Licensing menu item and look for the below message on the page that loads:


“Licence key update in progress. Refresh the page to check results.”



If ProxyAV is using a permanent 3rd party license (not a demo license) that expires while running,, or the license will not be renewed automatically. Scanning will stop.


Development engineering has identified the issue and a fix for the issue is available in or and later releases.


If ProxyAV is running, or, upgrade to or later releases. If ProxyAV is running, upgrade to



(It is recommended to upgrade to the releases with the fix.)


If ProxyAV is running, or, downgrade to If ProxyAV is running, downgrade to

Bug Number

Bug 182397 for
Bug 182413 for 3.4 releases affected.

InQuira Doc IdTFA111

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First Published      10/01/2014
Last Modified      10/01/2014
Last Published      10/01/2014
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