ProxyAV using Kaspersky 8 have not received updated pattern files since January 26th 2012 [Resolved: 06:23 UTC on February 14, 2012]

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ProxyAVs using Kaspersky running through 3.3.x are affected as they use Kaspersky 8.  ProxyAVs running and older, which uses Kaspersky 5, and 3.4.x.x and newer, which uses Kaspersky 8.1, are not affected.


Starting on January 26th 2012 ProxyAVs running through 3.3.x that are using Kaspersky are no longer receiving updated pattern files.  These ProxyAVs will continue to scan files using the pattern files received prior to January 26th 2012.


Issue resolved at06:23 UTC on February 14, 2012


While the issue was occurring, upgrading to AVOS or newer which updates the Kaspersky engine to 8.1 was an option for resolution as Kaspersky 8.1 was not affected by this problem.

Bug Number
InQuira Doc IdTFA88

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