Proxy RA GUI will not allow specification of the year 2011 and beyond for System->Time and Log Viewer

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This affects all versions of the Proxy RA software 


 There is no way to select years from the drop down boxes for years beyond 2010. Here is an example of the drop down:




Resolved by using the workaround below.


Please see the Workaround section above.


1) Log on via an SSH connection to the RA machine as the admin user. This will require a tool such as the freely available Putty terminal emulator on Windows. Linux/Unix/Mac systems  ship with SSH and it is normally available from the command line. The command on a Unix machine is ssh -ladmin <ip address of ProxyRA>. You will then be prompted for the admin password.  

NOTE: The next few steps require some basic knowledge of Linux and the vi editor. If you are not comfortable with Linux and/or vi, then please see the one-liner command at the end of this section for an alternative to accomplish this task. 

2) Change directories to /var/permeo/tomcat/webapps/mc/WEB-INF

3) Using vi or an editor of your choice,  open the file ‘VM_global_library.vm’ (using VI editor). Simply type vi VM_global_library.vm

4)  Search for text ‘2004’ in this file using the vi search function. You do this by touching the Escape key and then the cursor will be positioned at the bottom of the vi console where you can type in a forward-slash and the number 2004. This is the search term then. Hit enter and the cursor will move in the file to the first occurrence of the number 2004. 

The line it finds will look like this:    #foreach($_year in [2004..2010]

5)  Modify the end-value for the ‘year’ which is currently ‘2010’. You do this by positioning the cursor on the the number 1 in 2010 and using the x key to delete both the 1 and the 0 in 2010. Next use the i key to go into insert mode and type the number 99. Now your line should look like the following:  #foreach($_year in [2004..2099]

6)      Save the file. Hit the Escape key to exit Insert mode if you have not already done this. Now type wq! on the command line of the vi editor. This will write the file and exit the editor.

7)      Restart Tomcat server
                a)      Change directories to   /var/permeo/tomcat/bin
                b)      Run ‘’ to stop the tomcat server
                c)      Run ‘’ to start the tomcat server

8)      You now should be able to see the new entries for ‘year’ dropdown box within ‘Device -> Time’ and in the ‘Log viewer’ filters.


An alternative to steps 2 -6 above is to use the following command line: (be sure to either cut and paste or include all punctuation as seen in the command).


sed -i 's/\[2004..2010\]/\[2004..2099\]/' /var/permeo/tomcat/webapps/mc/WEB-INF/VM_global_library.vm

You will still need to either restart the RA or restart the Tomcat server as described in step 7.


NOTE:  It is advisable to perform the fix during ‘Maintenance time window’.

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InQuira Doc IdTFA55

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Last Published      10/01/2014
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