ProxySG/ProxyAV/Director 510 with a new 320GB SATA drive

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Affected Products

ProxySG 510s shipping on or after March 1, 2009
ProxySG 510-5 shipping on or after February 17, 2010
ProxyAV 510-A shipping on or after May 27, 2010
Director 510 shipping on or after May 27, 2010


ProxySG 510 can crash with a software exception of 0x480002.  Core images show software exception of 0x480002.

Blue Coat began shipping ProxySG 510 systems with a new 320GB SATA hard drive with an accompanying updated version of the SGOS operating system, which is required to support the new hard drive.  Blue Coat began shipping the new systems with this new drive and OS beginning March 1, 2009.

Caution:  Down-reving new systems received after March 1, 2009 to versions of SGOS to versions of SGOS prior to those listed below may result in disk drive errors and frequent reboots of the system.




Fixed.  Please see the Resolution section below for details.


Make sure that when you get a ProxySG 510 after March 1, 2009 that you run at least the following versions of SGOS:

  • SGOS, or later
  • SGOS, or later
  • SGOS, or later
  • SGOS, or later
  • SGOS versions such as 5.4.x, 5.5.x, and 6.x all have support for the newer hard drives.


Existing ProxySG 510 systems

Replacement drives through the RMA process:  Through February 1, 2010, Blue Coat will supply replacement drives through our RMA process that will work with existing versions of SGOS.

As of February 1, 2010, all disk drives shipped through Blue Coat's RMA process will require the updated versions of SGOS.  Those proxy administrators who are running existing SG510 systems should prepare to upgrade to one of the supported releases prior to February 1, 2010.


Common questions:

Q1:  Does my new ProxySG 510 have a new or old hard drive?
A1:  This depends on when the SG510 was manufactured, or if the 320GB SATA drive is repaired.

  • The "old" drive model numbers for SG510s are Seagate ST3300622AS (300GB) or ST3320620AS (320GB).  The new drive model number is SG3320613AS (320GB)
  • The RMA process will ship the 320GB drive to replace failed 300GB or 320GB drives
  • Units that ship after February 15, 2009 will ship with the new 320GB SATA drive.
  • Through February 1, 2010, Blue Coat will supply replacement drives through our RMA process that will work with existing versions of SGOS.

Q2:  What version of SGOS is currently being used?
A2:  You can identify the OS that is currently installed with the following methods:

  • Through the Management Console (https://<ip.address.of.proxysg>:8082 )
    • Select the Maintenance tab > Upgrade > Systems
    • Click the "Details" button next to the system for which you want to view information
  • Using the CLI, at the command prompt, type:  SGOS_prompt> show installed-systems

Q3:  What platforms are affected?
A3:  Note:  These include the model prefix (i.e. model SG510-25-M5 is listed as SG510-25)

Affected modelsModels not affected
SG510-5All other non-SG510 platforms







UPDATE FOR PROXYAV 510-A AND DIRECTOR 510  (Updated February 16, 2011)

As of May 27, 2010, the ProxyAV 510-A and Director 510 began shipping with the 320 GB hard drive.  For ProxyAV, please use AVOS 3.2.x or newer.  For Director, please use SGME 5.4.x or later.



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