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This issue is seen if install of the same SGME 5.5.x version is installed twice, then the rollback becomes unusable in Director.

Example #1: We will only experience this issue if for example Director SGME was upgraded to SGME and then again upgraded to same version SGME (repeated OS upgrade).  With this example the rollback will fail.
Example #2: Director SGME is rollback to SGME and upgraded again to SGME, the rollback will fail.

Rollback works as expected for the following example:
Director SGME rollback to SGME and upgraded to SGME, it will only fail if the last two versions are exactly the same as mentioned in the above two examples..
NOTE: We fixed this issue for future releases, but there is no way to fix it for existing builds.

There is a way to recover from the broken state, but it requires physical access to the affected Director box. You will need to format a USB drive for FAT32 because Director supports only ext3 and MS-Dos (FAT32) file system, the following article has an example how to format USB:  

In this article, we need to select FAT32 from same drop down menu to format USB in FAT32 file system.
The steps which require physical access to Director FAT32 formatted USB key (as mentioned above) are as follows:
1. Get USB key; format it as FAT32 file system
2. Put the patch version (director-<patch version>.tgz) you want to rollback to on the USB key.
3. Plug in the USB key to the Director box
5. Disable watchdog (otherwise the box will auto reboot):
      sh-2.05b# cd /lib/modules/2.6.19-bluecoat.16/kernel/drivers/char/watchdog/
      sh-2.05b# modprobe 510wd
6. Mount the USB key:
      a. Find the name of USB partition. The partition name should be in format sdx1:
         sh-2.05b# cat /proc/partitions
         major minor #blocks name
         8    32    1974272 sdc
         8    33     500929 sdc1 <----- USB partition
      b. Mount the partition:
         sh-2.05b# mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/
7. Unzip the contents of patch file
      a. sh-2.05b# cd /mnt
      b. sh-2.05b# tar xzf director-<patch version>.tgz
8. Install RPMs:
      a. sh-2.05b# cd /mnt
      b. sh-2.05b# rpm -Uvh --replacefiles *.rpm
9. Take the USB key out and reboot
      a. sh-2.05b# reboot
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First Published      10/01/2014
Last Modified      10/01/2014
Last Published      10/01/2014
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Product      Director-510
Software      Director 5.5
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