Upgrading the PacketShaper's Bootloader to version 7.0

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Affected Products

All PacketShaper models except the 1200, 1550, 2500, 6500, 9500


PacketWise v8.6 and higher require the PacketShaper to use bootloader version 7.0 or higher. To determine the bootloader version your PacketShaper is using, display the Setup > image screen. If your bootloader version is not 7.0 or higher, you need to update the bootloader using the plug-in that has been developed for this purpose.

Note: The Bootloader Update plug-in cannot be executed on the following PacketShaper models: 1200, 1550, 2500, 6500, 9500

Before upgrading the PacketShaper to v8.6, follow the steps below to install the Bootloader Update plug-in:

  1. Download the plug-in file (bootupdt.plg) from the Blue Touch Online Downloads page.
  2. At the command line, change to the directory where you downloaded the plug-in.
  3. To open an FTP session to the PacketShaper, type:
    ftp <ipaddress>
    where <ipaddress> is the IP address of the PacketShaper (for example, ftp You can also type the domain name.
    When you press Enter, the screen messages indicate that the connection has been made and that the server is ready.
  4. Enter a user name (such as touch).
  5. Enter the PacketShaper’s touch password.
  6. Enter bin to go into binary mode.
  7. Change to the PLG directory:
    cd plg
  8. To transfer the file to the PacketShaper, type:
    put bootupdt.plg
    After you press Enter, the file is transferred to your PacketShaper.
  9. Exit the FTP session (quit or bye).

To run the Bootloader Update plug-in, all you need to do is reset the PacketShaper:

  1. Open a Telnet window and connect to your PacketShaper.
  2. Reset the PacketShaper by entering the following CLI command:
  3. Close the Telnet window, and wait for the boot-up process to complete.
  4. To confirm that the bootloader was updated, access the PacketWise software by entering the PacketShaper’s IP address in your web browser.

After you log in, the Info tab displays a message about the bootloader.


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